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Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket reduction surgery (gingivectomy, osseous surgery and flap surgery) is a collective term for  several different procedures aimed at gaining access to the roots of the teeth in order to remove diseased tissue and reduce the depth of the pocket.

None of the cleaning aids available will clean pockets deeper than 3-4mm. So when a deeper pocket is present, the bacterial infection remains and bone and tissue destruction continues. To control the disease it is necessary to reduce these deep pockets to a manageable level (not more than 4mm), which can be cleaned more easily on a daily basis. If the disease is controlled, tooth loss can be prevented.

What does pocket reduction surgery involve?

Under local anesthesia, the gums are gently pushed away from the involved teeth. The area is cleaned and a determination is made if other procedures, such as bone grafts, should be done. Sutures are placed along with a protective dressing that remains for 7-10 days, when they are removed. Antibiotics may or may not be prescribed.

If you have any questions about pocket reduction surgery or treatment for periodontal disease, please ask us.